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The value of those materials comes from their use in the fantastic equipment upgrades, which give most guns you pick up extraordinary potential for flexibility and longevity. Stopping at a crafting bench with the right components in hand can turn a pistol into a short-range, pray-and-spray automatic or a scoped

Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC: 5 Biggest Changes

Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC: 5 Biggest Changes Just a week before E3 2018, Bungie revealed new information about the upcoming expansion Forsaken for Destiny 2. Set for release on September 4, and available for pre-order now, it looks to channel the same rejuvenative energy that the original Destiny’s The Taken

PUBG War Mode Is Live On PC, Features Respawns

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may be known as a battle royale brawler, but the latest Event Mode is changing up the game’s one-life-only gameplay. War Mode is now live on PC and allows you to play team deathmatches with respawns every 40 seconds. The Event Mode is only around until the end

State of Decay 2 could be coming to Steam

Undead Labs’ zombie-apocalypse survival simulator followup State of Decay 2 is headed to Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on May 22, but the list of supported distribution services could one day include Steam. Due to an error message that appeared during a developer livestream of the game’s PAX East demo


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Tweets Our friends at WP Builds are putting together an awesome giveaway for their 100 podcasts (… Toolset and Pods Support We’ve just added Toolset and Pods support in Brizy Pro. Starting… We’ve just added the Posts Element in Brizy Pro 0.0.8. This will let you create dynamic bl…

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